• Due to top quality ads that are tailored for each customer, our publishers are fully satisfied. The key factor in retaining our publishers on a permanent basis is that the FILL RATE is 100% and CPM is greater than other competitors. Since we continuously shop around for best deals for advertizing on our publishers platforms, the turnover rate of our publishers is low because they yield high return. We get bulk deals and with higher margin of profit. That is how we are able to share higher profit with our publishers.
  • Publisher can serve ads on the following platforms: websites, mobiles, flash players, HTML5, and high-end devices.
  • All Media ADS offers Internet advertising that is targeted, engaging and efficient messages that speak directly to your customers' desires and interests while building impactful insights and solutions specific to your marketing needs than any other media organization. With a full range of products and services, your All Media ADS team works with you every step of the way to make the most of your publishing needs and advertising budget.
  • We use top industry Real Time Bidding (RTB) & cloud systems engines, ads networks & exchanges to serve ads for our publishers. The content ads are available in all standard ads sizes for websites (all browsers). The video ads are available in all standard ads sizes for mobile (android, IOS, etc.), high-end devices, and flash players (Jwplayer, Strobe, etc.). We offer 100% Fill Rate with top CPM rates. Our dedicated account managers work closely and side-by-side with publishers to meet all their advertising needs.
  • Our optimization team is constantly engaged in adjusting inventory regionally so that the top CPM and earnings payout can be achieved for our publishers. We engage industry‚Äôs top ads networks, exchanges, and advertisers to fill ads inventory, which give our customer 100% Fill Rate and the best CPM rates. Our dedicated accountant managers review sites models, trends, audience, and overall traffic pattern, to create specific campaigns, including CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA, to drive top rates for our customers.