Make that space earn

Every space counts in online advertising much like in traditional media advertising. A corner of that web page can generate significant earnings with the right ads. All Media ADS can help you make that space count.

  • High returns. We aim to get our publishers 100% fill rate and CPM better than the competition. We get only bulk deals and top quality ads that bring in high margin profit that we share with you as one of our publishers.
  • Low turnover rate. Because we get only the best deals for advertising on our publisher platforms, all of our publishers are fully satisfied. Enjoy the benefits of tailored, top quality ads on your site.
  • Multi-platform flexibility. As a publisher, you can serve ads on various popular platforms including websites, mobile gadgets, flash players, HTML 5 and other high-end devices.
  • Exceptional ad support. We work to get the highest returns for our advertisers and publishers alike, this is why we use only top industry Real Time Bidding (RTB) and cloud system engines, ad networks and exchanges to serve the ads that you publish on your space. We have a dedicated optimization team who use constantly engaged in adjusting the inventory regionally so that you can achieve the top CPM and earnings payouts.

How do I get started?

  • Apply online
  • Confirm your registration by following the link in your email box
  • Accept our Terms of Service
  • One of our representatives will get back to you with your site approval and gives you
    your access to reporting system
  • In your account you can get any tags, specify your billing details and control reporting
  • Placing just one tag on your site you automatically start earning with All Media ADS


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